a breeding undrground for free festivals

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community started and maintained by peopleburningo and mymandingohasa.

this is where the movement begins. free underground festivals will pop up all over. these will be put on by the bands and the indie lables interested in the freedom of music. there will be no sponsership or money involved, unless the band sets up a booth. no money will go to the concert organizers or promoters). these festivals are called "DREAMS ARE FREE MOTHER FUCKER!" festivals.

for the best description of a DAFMF festival, read the manifesto below.


you get some bands together. once together, you find a place that will let you put on a free show. then you promote.

come here to do all of this. find bands to do this show, find venues, promote and voice ideas for the festivals in this community.

if you see a DAFMF festival being planned on the same day as yours in your area, join up. its not about whos festival it is or who gets credit, its about the freedom of music.


"dreams are free mother fucker" is a song written by the MINUTEMEN, a very DIY band who was against the use of any corporate help. to be completely honest the song was an instrumental, but the MINUTEMEN stood for being about your music and about your convictions. punk used to be a political and social statement that frees us from the ties of capitalism.

this is 100% what DAFMF as its now been called, is all about. its about as many bands that care about music as music and not as money that can come together. more places popping up saying, "hey we can do this". no money making billboards, business cards or fund raisers.

here's how it is. dreams are free is a genre of festival. when you tell someone about it, think more like "its A dreams are free festival" not "THE dreams are free fest." we put one in our area and get as many bands as we can. this is to have fun, not to promote or benefit from it. obviously, theres always exposure, but this is more of a statement than an event. we organize the movement, then we find a place big enough for these bands. then we promote where it is. think more like, a free park or even a baseball diamond. free is free. we convince others to organize these things all over. then we all team up. this is a movement for music.

i know these are extreme ideals, but this is how it was conceived. "dreams are free mother fucker!" this is something you say to someone who oppresses your way of being. this is how the bands tell this to the concept of money eating music. people who truly care about the celebration of music and just playing for people and themselves. its like a rally almost. protesting the use of money in music.